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Garage Plan... What is it?

Yes, there is more to a garage plan than a map of how to arrange the pieces

What should a garage plan consist of and how should you go about putting together your garage plan.

RED Flag... If you plan to purchase a set of garage plans and build your own structure, read the fine print. If you see ("...plans do NOT carry a structural engineer or architect's stamp/seal.") use caution or look elsewhere. Plans should be designed pacifically for your area (such as snow loads, wind loads, seismic zones, etc) and have a engineer or architect's seal. You are investing a great deal of time and money to enhance the value and beauty of your property. If you don't do it properly the outcome could have a negative effect on your property. Let's face it... the old $2500 garage is a thing of the past just like the $2500 dollar auto. An Expert could Save you a Great deal in the long run.

First let us look at the options... not the garage options but the location options of your lot.

Possible locations for your garage plan...

  1. Where on the lot could your put your garage that would give you the best access. Is there room beside your house, behind your house, enter from the street, enter from the alley? Do you live in the country or in the city, middle lot or corner lot.
  2. What are the set backs. (Distance from the street or lot lines that you can build) Check your local codes.
  3. How level is the lot location you picked for your new garage. The more the slope the more it will cost for the garage floor. See build-up.
  4. How long is the driveway going to be. Cost is by the square foot.
  5. Is there enough room to get your car in and out of the garage. Your garage plan should include at least 23 to 30 feet straight back before turning. (Your car must be completely out of the garage before turning). Example: a garage plan with a 2 car garage behind a house with a narrow drive along the side of the house will need the garage set back far enough to allow the inside car room to exit the garage before turning to the drive so as to clear the house.
  6. Distance from the house... more is better... fires are more likely to start in the garage.
  7. Utilities: have your utilities marked, don't wait until you are ready to dig... a good garage plan will include having the utilities marked in the planning stage. This is normally a free service in most states, check with your local utility company. You will also need to check for other buried obstacles that might have been buried by the present or past home owners, such as under ground wires, pipes, septic tanks, etc.
  8. Trees: The roots from trees can crack your garage footings and floors. Some trees like maples have roots that grow out near the surface while most fruit trees have a root system that will grow more downward. Stay away from all trees at least 6 to 8 feet from the outside of the trunk. You may have to have stumps ground out and removed. Do not pour a garage floor over stumps, they will root and your floor will crack if they are not removed.
  9. Look up for tree branches and utility lines that may have to be removed or moved if your chosen garage plan is put into action.
Possible sizes for your garage plan...

Size... the garage plan is now ready to determine the possible sizes that you can choose from.

  1. Choose a garage size that you would like to have and see if there is enough room in the areas available.
  2. Sizes/Width: 
    (1 car 14ft wide), 
    (1 1/2 car 16ft wide), 
    (2 car 20, 22ft wide), 
    (2 1/2 car 24, 26ft wide), 
    (3 car 28ft wide), 
    (3 1/2 car 30, 32, 36ft wide)
  3. Depth: 
    (20 ft minimum -for a full size car). 
    (24 ft - for an ext cab full bed pick up). 
    (20 ft - for a car only with no extra room front or back of car). 
    (22 ft - room to open trunk). 
    (24 ft - room in front for a bench and room to open trunk). 
    (28 or 30 ft - room for shop area in front of car).
  4. Height: 8 ft walls are normal with a 7 ft high OHD. However if you require a higher overhead door you will need to increase the wall height, 8 ft OHD will require a 9 ft wall, etc.

        See layouts

The garage plan is ready for you to pick a Style

Garage plan styles include; roof pitch, siding type, color, overhead door type, service doors, windows, shingle type and color, over hangs on eve and gable, etc. (Garage doors include service or entry doors for people and overhead doors for autos)

  1. Overhead door(s) Choose a location on the wall and choose a wall, gable end or eve side, centered or offset. Eve side requires a stronger header (load bearing wall) Gable end non-load bearing. Steel or steel insulated are the most common. Choices include the type of insulated door (R rating), glass or no glass, width and height.
    Most common for 8ft wall, 9W x 7H, 16W x 7H.
    Sizes are 9 ft, 12 ft, 16 ft, 18 ft wide.
    7 ft and 8 ft high.
    8 ft high requires 9 ft side wall.
  2. Service door(s) Type (common steel insulated), size 32" or 36" wide. Glass or no glass may be determined by the crime rate in your area.
  3. Windows and location may also be determined by the local crime rate. Vinyl single hung and sliders are the most common.
  4. Line of sight: A good rule is to have windows and service doors in line of sight from the house. If an intruder thinks that they may be observed they are less likely to attempt a forced entry.
  5. In colder areas a steeper roof pitch has less snow build up and a longer shingle life. You may want to match the pitch of your home. 4/12 is a normal pitch. 4 inches of rise per 12 inches of run. Steeper pitches require more material and therefore cost more. See Roof Pitches here.
  6. Siding types: common types are vinyl, wood and hardboard. 4/4 vinyl is the most popular, T-111 pine or fur is a popular wood siding, and 4' x 8' sheets and 8" lap hardboard siding. Other sidings include cement board.
  7. Shingles: standard 25yr three tab and architectural are the most common.
  8. Overhangs: Overhangs should be used but are not needed as much as a home. Large overhangs increase the cost. Six inch gable and eight inch eve are good for garages and utility buildings.
  9. Location of options: Your garage plan should place windows, service doors, OHDs at least 12 inches, 18 inches preferred from corners and from each other.
Look at some garage plan styles.


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