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Garage FAQs / Terms

  • Anchor bolts - bolts to secure the sill plate to the concrete floor.
  • Backfill - replacement of earth into a trench or excavation around and against a foundation.
  • Bearing wall - any wall supporting any vertical load and its own weight.
  • Building code - a collection of legal requirements designed to protect the safety, health, and general welfare of those in and around buildings.
  • Build-up - Raised portion of a garage floor that is built up do to uneven or sloped grade.
  • Eve - the side of the building that the roof slopes down to. Gutters are on the eve side. The eve side is a load bearing wall.
  • Float slab - a monolithic or single piece of concrete such as a garage floor poured in one pour (one continuous piece of concrete, the entire piece moves together).
  • Frost footings - Footing under the edges of a concrete floor that extends below the frost line.
  • Gable - a vertical, triangular part of a building, contained between the slopes of a roof. 
  • Gable end - end wall having a gable. The end of the building where the roof forms a peak.
  • Hip roof - a roof which slopes up toward the center from all sides, requiring a hip rafter at all corners.
  • Mesh - Welded wire used in concrete floors and driveways to help control cracks. Usually in rolls or large sheets.
  • Non-bearing wall - a wall or partition which extends from the floor to the ceiling which supports no load other than its own weight.
  • OC - on center, measurement from center of one object to the center of another object, such as wall studs 16" OC.
  • OHD - Overhead door
  • Pitch - angle of the roof, slope.
  • Re-rod or re-bar - Steel rod usually 1/2" or #4 used in garage floor footing. Helps to control concrete from spreading do to cracks.
  • Saw cut - A sallow groove cut in concrete floors, driveways and walkways to help control cracks.
  • SD - Service door or entry door.
  • Sill - the lowest member of a frame resting on the foundation and supporting the uprights. Also the lowest member of an opening such as a window sill or door sill.
  • Slab - see Float slab
  • Soffit - the underside of a cornice, (roof overhang).
  • Studs - one of a series of slender vertical structural wood members placed as supporting elements in walls.


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