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59th & Brady
off Interstate 80 Hwy 61

5800 Brady
Davenport Iowa

Some Quad City Area garage projects
"Yes we do difficult projects"
When others shake their heads we get the job done.
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East Moline IL
Moving a large hill!
LGemoline2420.JPG (151038 bytes)
24 x 30
Large 18ft OHD with a 6ft OHD for riding mower or motor cycle
see this project

Davenport IA
Replace old 2-car

JMdavenportOld.JPG (37150 bytes)
24 x 30
see this project
Large 2-car with Workshop

Davenport IA
Building on a steep hill!
JHdavenport2224.JPG (215407 bytes)

22 x 24
see this project

Rock Island IL
Replace old 2-car

24 x 30

Bradford IL
Large 3-car with 5 x 38ft covered patio. One large 18ft wide and one 9ft x 8ft high OHDs

30 x 38 9ft walls

see this project

Moline IL
First we will tear out this old two car and build a new 3-car with 8ft high OHDs
RNmoline2430.JPG (140078 bytes)
24 x 30 9ft walls
see this project

Bluegrass IA
Beautiful large 3-car with two sides vinyl and two sides brick to match the house with 6/12 pitch roof
MLbluegrass2836.JPG (127935 bytes)
28 x 36
see this project

Davenport IA
Old 1 car with carport replaced with this large 3 car.

PSdavenport2430.JPG (57034 bytes)

24 x 30

Oelwein IA
oelwein2224.jpg (65611 bytes)
22 x 24

Moline IL
Replaced a one car and carport
JGmoline2424.jpg (11316 bytes)
24 x 24
see this project

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